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The Photo Album

Bar Mitzvah Photo Album, Jenni Bick

The Photo Album

  • “The Bar and Bat Mitzvah experience thrust the individual young man or woman into the spotlight whether they were ready for the attention or not. So, it is no surprise that almost every album starts of with a formal portrait, capturing the youth in that au naturel, candid moment – taking a break from a hectic schedule to pose in a tree, sniff a flower, gaze at naval maneuvers, or pull of that difficult-to-wear fedora” (Bar Mitzvah Disco, by Bennett, Kroll and Shell).
  • The photography packages usually include an album with an agreed amount of proofs.
  • For the proofs that are out of the album, you need an attractive album to slip them in and keep away from coffee stains!
  • There are many options when it comes to making a finished Bar / Bat Mitzvah album including manufacturer, style and size.
  • Photographers usually have access to albums. Try to negotiate about it before booking with your photographer and include it in your package price. Camera stores also sell proof albums.

    Normandy Sewn Scroll Album, Pioneer
  • The biggest variety, as usual, is online. Look for an album that fits the size of your photos.
  • Pioneer Albums are excellent and the variety of sizes and designs is huge.
  • The Doc prefers to have these special photo albums with a Jewish theme. Her favorite designer is Jenni Bick, with custom crafted Torah Scroll photo albums. A pretty collection of Bar & Bat Mitzvah albums & frames is of Judaism.com.

Bar Mitzvah Disco – a funny funny BM Album

  • What a funny and touching book this is! The book is structured as a professionally photographed Bar Mitzvah album. It collects photographs culled from Bar and Bat Mitzvahs from the 70s to the early 90s displaying the peculiarities of their times. The album starts with those funny BM portraits and ends with the requisite “waving good-bye” shot. Just like a BM album!

    Bar Mitzvah Disco, by Bennett, Kroll & Shell
  • In between, the authors give short, humorous recollections of each aspect of the event, from the elaborately designed sign-in board to the chair-lift tradition.
  • Cool book, a classic, perfect as a gift. The photographs make this book delicious. Search inside “Bar Mitzvah Disco” to see some of the photos online. Aren’t they great?