Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

The Screen & Projector

  • To play montages the Doc uses her laptop (with a DVD player), a digital projector and a screen.
  • A beautiful montage may be spoiled if people cannot see it. Choose a screen at the right size and place it at a good location. Everyone should be able to see the montage.
  • How is the lighting at the venue? Too much light may be a big problem.
  • Some parties have screens around the room, and then everyone has a great view!
  • Where to get a screen?
    • Venues often have available screens and TVs, or maybe they can get it for you.
    • Ask your DJ and photographers. Some of them rent screens and projectors.
    • Do you know someone who owns a screen and a projector? Maybe a friend’s company?
  • If you cannot get a screen, consider showing the DVD on a TV during cocktail, in a loop.
  • Here is one very precious advice – arrange a rehearsal at the venue before the big day. Don’t be lazy, test all the equipment! It is very stressful having hard time with it on the party day.
  • Bring back-up DVD copies.