Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

When to Play the Montage?

  • Fit it in the montage where you feel it will help the flow of the event. Let’s talk about a few options.
    • When everyone sits down for dinner is a quiet part of the evening and a good opportunity to have the montage played.
    • Dessert time is a relaxing moment. The Doc thinks it is the best time to play a montage. The children will be called to watch the montage from the dance floor. When the montage ends the energies will be at a height. Everyone will be ready then for for a strong beat dancing music!
  • Playing the DVD during cocktail hour, in a continual loop, is an option. Everyone will watch it in their free time. Here are some thoughts about this option:
    • Some people think that playing the montage during the party interrupts it, and therefore choose the cocktail time. The Doc disagrees.
    • You put a lot of energy into the montage, why put it on a small TV screen placed at the corner of the cocktail room? The montage is so beautiful, let everyone watch it.
    • Cocktail hour is a time to chit chat. The montage will be missed then by many.