Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Who Will Make the Montage?

Do-It-Yourself photo montage is lots of fun and is the Doc’s recommendation. No professional or Bar Mitzvah planner will produce a better montage than you! However, it is time-consuming, so let’s check also other alternatives.
Have questions? Check the Bar Mitzvah Planner Forum.
Photographers / Videographers

  • Photographers & videographers sometimes do photo montages. Ask yours. DJs may also do montage as part of the package.
  • Check the professional’s work before giving them the job. Ask for a few demos. Shop around.
  • A professional’s work will cost you. Think if it is something that you want to pay money for. How much should you expect to pay? It really depends. You can get basic montage for a few hundreds of dollars. For the high end artistic ones the price can go up to 1000 dollars or more.
    • How many pictures, title pages, transitions, songs and DVD copies will you get?
    • What is the cost of scanning the photos?
    • What about converting video to digital format?
    • How long will the montage be?
    • How many edits will you be allowed, until you are happy with the montage?
  • Give the photos to the photographer at least ten weeks before the party.

Professional DVD montage companies

  • If you choose to hire online DVD montage services, ask to watch samples of their work online.
  • If you can recommend DVD montage online companies, please drop a comment at the bottom of this page.

A student

  • Cinema or photography students should be able to make a video montage pretty easily, and the cost will be lower.
  • Put a note on a cinema or photography school’s board asking for someone to do your montage.

Do-It-Yourself Montage

  • The do-it-yourself montage option is the Doc’s favorite. Fun fun fun, and it will save you money!
  • You can do the DVD montage yourself, don’t worry, it is not that difficult.
  • Maybe you can do it together with your child? It is a beautiful opportunity to share family memories and prepare emotionally for the big day. They children can also help you with the complicated computer work.
  • Start working on the montage well ahead. It is time-consuming (but well worth it!).
  • Continue reading. The Doc will give you detailed instructions on how to make the montage yourself.