Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Working with Hebrew

  • Dr. Simcha loves invitations with Hebrew wording! These biblical letters remind us of the sacred source of this precious ceremony. It will also add flair and pizzazz to your work!
  • At medaberet ivrit? Having your invites in Hebrew may be a

    Blue Mitzvah Invitation

    challenge if you can’t read Hebrew of feel insecure with it! Treat this issue carefully. Check and recheck the text:

    • Names – check the correct spelling of names with a Rabbi, Hebrew speakers, relatives and family documentation.
    • Dates – if you are writing the Hebrew date on your invites, be sure to have it correctly. Check it also with your Rabbi or in a Jewish calendar. There is a wonderful free online tool – Hebrew date converter – which converts Gregorian dates to Jewish dates and vice versa.
  • Hebrew fonts – if you are preparing the invitation yourself, or would like to show your vendor some Hebrew fonts, here are a few options:
    • Your Microsoft word software should have some Hebrew fonts.

      Hebrew Font Gallery

      On the top menu click on “Insert” and then on “symbols”.
      Explore the scrollable menus; you should be able to find some
      Hebrew fonts there.

    • A rich variety is available at fonts.com Hebrew fonts.
    • Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe contains a collection of 30 unique, high-quality Hebrew fonts.
    • Hebrew / English word processor software is the expensive option, but it is a good tool to have also after the simcha. The leading software is DavkaWriter Platinum 6.